After-hours new patient appointing now offered by 1-800-DENTIST

With this new system, dental practices do not need to miss a new patient appointment again!

1 800 Dentist 24 Hour Appt

1 800 Dentist 24 Hour Appt1-800-DENTIST is now offering after-hours appointing — a major enhancement to their service which ensures that dental practices will never miss a new patient opportunity, day or night.

The new feature maximizes the power of the 1-800-DENTIST program by ensuring that new patients are immediately presented with an appointment time, no matter when they call. During business hours, new patient leads continue to be directly connected to the practice and now those who call after hours are given an appointment time based on the practice’s availability. All the front desk staff has to do is confirm.

“After-hours appointing is a game-changer,” said Michael Turner, the CEO of Futuredontics, 1-800-DENTIST’sparent company. “By immediately appointing new patients, we’re delivering what both dentists and consumers have told us they want – and more importantly, we’re getting more new patients in a dentist’s chair.”

Today’s consumers want instant gratification. Whether they’re shopping on Amazon or searching for a dentist, they expect to be able to complete their transaction when it’s convenient for them regardless of the time. If they can’t, they are far more likely to slip back into procrastination — or keep searching for a dental practice who will give them an appointment now.

“After-hours appointing exponentially increases a dental practice’s ability to connect with new patients,” Turner continued. “Many 1-800-DENTIST members are already seeing dramatic results. They really appreciate that we’re filling their schedule even when they’re closed.”

Dental professionals can learn more about the 1-800-DENTIST new patient leads program, including after-hours appointing, by calling 855-246-2029 or visiting

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