How great patient and post op care can increase a dentist's bottom line

Patients appreciate anything that offers them extra comfort

Dentists have known for several years that Cool Jaw helps keep their patients happy. It leads to high patient compliance, and therefore, fewer troubleshooting calls and visits following treatment.

For those who have not used the product, Cool Jaw is a wrap-around, hands-free cold therapy that patients can wrap around their face following dental surgery, or to treat chronic pain associated with teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Cool Jaw invited Dr. Robert Myers, who has been using the product for several years, to explain why he believes offering Cool Jaw to his patients has helped him increase his bottom line in a series of videos. Watch the first one here, and view the rest at

Dr. Myers wants to share with his peers how Cool Jaw helped his practice increase its bottom line. "It's a great application of a simple thought process that shows you care about your patients," he explains. "Let's face it. Patients often don't retain post op instructions. Placing Cool Jaw in their hands takes the variability out of patients' hands and makes sure they’re applying it. It gives them relief from the pain. When they have a good experience, they let others know."

Dr. Myers has also noticed that patients wear Cool Jaw longer because of its ease of use, which helps them heal faster. "This decreases the number of calls your office receives regarding follow-up care, which lead to more efficient use of time in your office."

In addition to these videos, Cool Jaw is offering a "Cold Cash" program for dentists and oral surgeons. Dentists can offer patients the ability to purchase Cool Jaws via their own dental websites, and earn 20% of the net sales. Find out more information at

Cool Jaw also offers a series of patient instructional videos that dentists can offer through their practices. This is a time saver when it comes to answering those frequently asked questions, and also helps patients learn and retain the information they need to take home with them.

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