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Troubleshooter: What are a 15-year-old's "dental rights"?

July 23, 2021
This mother wants to have her 15-year-old daughter's teeth whitened, but the daughter is not on board. What is the practice required to do?

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Take a few moments to see what Dr. Chris Salierno, former editor of Dental Economics, has to say about this sticky situation involving a minor's dental rights.

QUESTION: A 15-year-old patient came into our practice with her mother for an exam and cleaning. Her mother explained that her main concern was her daughter’s discoloring teeth, and the mother would like to see her daughter’s teeth become chalky white. The patient did not express any desire to have whitening done. Seeing as how the mother is giving the consent, does the practice have any legal obligation to perform the treatment or to not do the treatment?


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Originally published in 2017 and updated regularly.