Hu-Friedy launches Ortho Lingual dental instrument collection

Helping redefine the art of orthodontics

Jan 2nd, 2013

CHICAGO – Hu-Friedy announces the introduction of a new Ortho Lingual Collection. This product line consists of 10 instruments that feature optimal intraoral access, ideal visibility for the clinician, enhanced comfort for the patient, and more time savings per procedure.

Lingual Orthodontics has become increasingly popular due to its cosmetic appeal. This specialized practice places brackets on the interior side of the tooth rather than the outside surface, avoiding the high visibility of traditional braces. In order to access the lingual side of the tooth, instrumentation featuring finer tips and more pronounced angulation of the working end are required.

Hu-Friedy is committed to taking a leadership position regarding the latest technology and designs for changing trends in the dental industry," said Ken Serota, president of Hu-Friedy Manufacturing. "As Lingual Orthodontics becomes more popular, advancements in orthodontic instrumentation are required, so we're pleased to announce the Ortho Lingual Collection. Investing in Hu-Friedy orthodontic instruments means longer lasting, quality instruments at the clinician’s fingertips during complex procedures. This collection is designed to fit the requirements of today’s orthodontic community and establishes new standards for instrumentation.”

The new Ortho Lingual Collection includes cutters, pliers, and lingual ligature directors, designed specifically for patient and clinician ease, comfort, and accessibility. Each cutter and pliers feature a distinctive gold-plated handle, longer handles that allow for easier access, and orbit formed box joints that are 14% to 29% thinner than standard Hu-Friedy orthodontic products.

First set to launch in select markets including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Japan, and France, the Ortho Lingual Collection is scheduled to be released in Western Europe in March 2013 at the 35th International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany.

For more information about the Ortho Lingual Collection, call 800-HU-FRIEDY or visit

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