You could probably use a business boot camp. Here’s why…

Feel the need for refreshing your dental career? The Principles of Practice Management Conference might be just what you need.

Mar 25th, 2019
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You could use a business boot camp because . . .

• You’re tired of doing things the same way you did them last year.

• You don’t want to just accept a lower PPO reimbursement as a necessary evil.

• You want a higher gross, better profit margin, and to work fewer hours, all at the same time.

• You’re bored.

I could list a lot of reasons why dentists need a business boot camp. I’ve heard several of these reasons over the past three years from attendees of the Principles of Practice Management Conference.

I’ve spoken with new dentists who just purchased their first practice and had no idea what to do next. On several occasions I’ve met with burned-out practice owners whose personal and professional lives had hit a plateau. And I also met with successful dentists who wanted to learn how to expand to their second and third locations.

Wherever you are in your career, you’re not alone. Come join us at the 4th Annual Principles of Practice Management Conference July 18–19 and meet with leading experts and dentists just like yourself. I hope to see you there.



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