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Helping preserve the private dental practice with Practice In Your Pocket

Aug. 8, 2017
Owning a dental practice is filled with many more challenges than in the past. This new app created by dentists for dentists can help practice owners manage many important aspects of their practices from their smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Owning a dental practice is filled with many more challenges than in the past. This new app created by dentists for dentists can help practice owners manage many important aspects of their practices from their smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

WHEN I ASK NEW DENTISTS ENTERING THE PROFESSION TODAY what they envision after graduation, the majority say that they want to own their own practice someday. What they don’t realize is that owning a practice is actually operating a small business. Unfortunately, many dentists enter private practice armed with little or no business training and are at a loss regarding how to make their businesses profitable.

The dental market is extremely different today than when I started practicing 22 years ago. Back then I never heard of a practice going out of business. In fact, even the poorly run practices made enough profit to meet lifestyle goals. Dentists today face many aggressive challenges, with dental school debt at all-time highs, declining dental insurance reimbursement rates, increased operating costs, and competition from corporate dentistry. This leaves many dentists searching for answers about how they can remain profitable in their small businesses.

Practice In Your Pocket (PIYP) is the complete practice management resource app created by dentists for dentists. It addresses the changing landscape and the way dental professionals manage and operate their dental businesses. Relying on years of owning and operating successful practices and interfacing with various practices through consulting, the team at PIYP created an easy-to-use resource to help dentists operate the business aspect of their practices with more precision and increased visibility and accountability.

Practice performance at a glance

PIYP is a mustfor any dentist ready to take control over the success of their practice. This comprehensive app integrates seamlessly with Dentrix and Quickbooks, bringing accurate and easy-to-understand reporting, impactful practice management tools, and team member visibility and accountability to the dentist’s desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The goal is to enhance the user experience and make it easy to access and present critical practice in order to better understand the financial health of the practice. PIYP automatically repopulates practice data, production, collections, new patients, and more, to a personalized practice dashboard that everyone on the team can understand. PIYP’s integration with the Dentrix practice management software allows users to eliminate the task of manually running multiple reports. The dashboard will automatically display the most important areas of a practice, and update the key practice performing indicators every five minutes so dentists will have everything they need to manage the practice in one place.

Dentists will be able to easily see how their practices are doing on a yearly, monthly, daily, and even hourly basis. With PIYP, they will understand how to maximize and manage production, collections, new patients, overhead, and more importantly, quickly address any underperforming areas.

Practice enhancement resources

It’s one thing to recognize the challenges of a practice; it’s another to know what to do to correct underperformance.

TLC Calls tool (patented marketing system)
This one-of-a-kind resource provides the quickest way to accelerate practice growth through the generation of increased new patient referrals, all from your smartphone.

Practice management video tutorials
The team can learn proven systems and tools that can be implemented instantly for every area of the practice.

Fee schedule analysis
Know exactly how your practice fees stack up against comparable practices in your region, and see how a slight fee increase can dramatically benefit your top line performance.

Procedure code analysis
See your top five revenue producing procedures so you know exactly where to invest in new technologies for your practice.

Team member profiles
Store all vital team member information, including performance reviews, job descriptions, CPR status, and CE courses, all in one convenient place.

Overhead management
Achieving your practice production and collections goals is awesome, but if your expenses are not managed closely, this will put a strain on your net profit and result in increased stress. PIYP syncs automatically with QuickBooks, providing a clear picture of your financial health and bottom line. No more complicated spreadsheets, just easy-to-understand graphs where you can compare your practice to industry averages.

It’s time to start reaping the rewards this great profession has to offer

Dentists sacrifice much along the path to owning and operating their own practices. The goal of PIYP is to create a simple tool for practitioners so they can have more time to focus on patients and reap the rewards of this great profession.

Visit to sign up, and the first 30 days are on PIYP. After PIYP is installed, go to the Apple or Google Play Store to download the app so you can take the power of PIYP everywhere. You pay nothing up front, no download fee, no installation fee, and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. After your 30-day trial period, it’s $299 per month.

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Dr. Dolby brings over 20 years of dental expertise to Practice In Your Pocket. He was awarded Fellowship status by the American Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Dolby was a featured instructor at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum “PacLive” where he taught dentists effective practice management strategies to remove stress and increase profitability. He has shared the stage with TV personality Dr. Phil as a guest speaker at Discus Dental’s Las Vegas Extravaganza. These experiences opened his eyes to the significant lack of business training that most dentists receive. Dr. Dolby is excited to be part of the Triumph-Dental/Practice In Your Pocket team.