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Ninja Dentist: Core and strengthening exercises for energy on the job (VIDEO)

Jan. 3, 2017
Dr. Desiree Walker wants to help her peers stay healthy, strong, and energetic on the job. Just a few quick exercises on your lunch break can make all the diference.

Dr. Desirée Walker is back with her Ninja Dentist “Fitness Between Fillings” exercises to help all her peers loosen up, stay in shape, and avoid injury on the job.

Before she eats lunch, Dr. Walker likes to do these exercises. In this video she demonstrates the squat for lower back mobility, and the plank for arm and core strengthening. For those of you who have followed her advice and installed a chin-up bar in the doorway of your office, she concludes by hanging from the bar. Dr. Walker says hanging from the chin-up bar is “an amazing release” for the back and arms.

For added difficulty, she says her peers can add push-ups and chin-ups to this routine if they choose. “Five of these and you’ll feel energized and ready for your round of afternoon patients,” she says. “It’s important to feel strong for our patients.”

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