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3 ways software streamlines today’s dental offices

May 24, 2017
Good software can make all the difference in how efficiently a dental practice is able to operate each day. Finding a good software fit will free the staff to do what they do best: deal with patients.

Good software can make all the difference in how efficiently a dental practice is able to operate each day. Finding a good software fit will free the staff to do what they do best: deal with patients.

Being a dentist and running a practice is a balancing act.
Dentists serve patients clinically, while the front office manager schedules appointments, manages claims, and oversees the day-to-day duties for the full staff. Today’s dental industry is very competitive, which makes it difficult for dental offices to attract new patients if they cannot focus on both the clinical work and efficient practice management.

The need for improved practice management means dentists must be armed with a variety of business, marketing, and management training to remain profitable. With excellent software, dentists can overhaul their workflows to create a more organized office, increase profit, and provide the best possible care to patients.

Reduction in costs
It’s no secret that practice management fees can be costly. For example, it costs the average dental office as much as $160 per month to process claims and attachments., meaning they can spend up to $2,000 per year on claims and attachments alone. The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) recently reported that dental practices waste about $1.9 billion industry-wide by not utilizing fully electronic transactions, which include claims processing.

Fortunately, software that works with practice management systems can ease some of these costs. Renaissance Electronic Services’ Remote Lite works alongside practice management systems to handle eClaims processing and attachments to decrease some of these costs. Remote Lite allows practices to save an average of $1,300 per year, but savings can have an even bigger impact. Renaissance client Bruce Mathes Dental processes nearly 500 claims each month, and saves more than $3,000 in costs annually by leveraging Remote Lite.

Time savings
The daily schedules of dentists and office managers are packed with administrative duties, and patient care and communication. Software that alleviates some of the administrative tasks frees up time and gives dentists and office managers more time to focus on patients.

For example, with products that manage eClaims processing and attachments, dental practices can drastically decrease the number of phone calls they have to make to insurance companies for updates on claims. Instead, products like Remote Lite track all claims in the software itself, which allows the team to access the history of the claim in one system.

Speedy customer care
Dental business managers should not have to devote hours to troubleshooting practice management issues. Software with high-quality customer service allows staff to put their efforts toward helping patients. One of the ways that Renaissance Electronic Services creates value for clients is through customer care that provides swift support when clients have questions or concerns while submitting a claim. Through person-to-person communication, clients can receive answers and feedback more efficiently. This is yet another way that software companies like Renaissance Electronic Services help dental offices be more productive.

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Eric Joseph is the president and CEO of Renaissance Electronic Services, a software company that provides electronic claims processing and credit card processing for dental offices. With nearly 15 years in the dental claims industry, Joseph has risen through the ranks at Renaissance Electronic Services from joining the team in 2004 as an intern to his current role leading the company.