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Ethics in dentistry: DE's Business Lab video

March 22, 2018
Most dentists will face ethical dilemmas in their careers. What are some ways to approach these dilemmas? Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry (SPEA) founder Dr. Mike Meru shares some insights.

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As business owners, dentists often face ethical dilemmas. In the latest DE’s Business Lab video, Dr. Salierno talks with Mike Meru, DDS, the founder of Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry (SPEA).

Dr. Salierno shares an example of a possible ethical challenge, and Dr. Meru responds. He notes that it’s easier to break down ethics and professionalism than many dentists make it out to be. For Dr. Meru, when it comes to patient care, everything comes down to informed consent. He shares his ethical explanation to the dilemma presented by Dr. Salierno.

But Dr. Salierno puts a different spin on te example by asking, “What if it’s the employee dentist who’s been instructed to take an unethical path?”

What is Dr. Meru’s solution? Find out in the video below. And learn more from Dr. Meru at the third annual Principles of Practice Management conference July 12-13.

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