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Committing to CAD/CAM dentistry: It’s more than just crunching numbers

July 9, 2018
Bringing CAD/CAM into your dental practice is no small decision. It takes time, dedication, and the whole team to make it a success. Is it the right time to introduce CAC/CAM in your practice?
With so many technological advances in dentistry, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest equipment. But just like technology in your personal life, you must weigh the options and ask if it’s right for you before you commit to the newest gadgets. I want to share a few benchmarks you can use to determine if it’s the right time for you to dive into CAD/CAM dentistry.

I’m thrilled with the software upgrades, the hardware platforms, the ease of use, and the treatment options. However, one thing has not changed: leaping into the world of CAD/CAM dentistry without adequate research and commitment can lead down a path of frustration and significant financial loss.

If you want to set up your practice for success, understand that your team must join you on this journey. Dentists often overlook some key factors when they consider the technology because they do not focus on some basics.


• Do you have the right team in place?
• How will you introduce this technology to them?
• How will your team tell patients about the changes in treatment options?
• What marketing techniques are you willing to invest in to ensure success?
• How will integrating this equipment affect the schedule as you embark on the learning curve?

You can perform dentistry on your own, but of course by now you know it’s easier to work with a team of skilled professionals. If you have a clinical team with previous CAD/CAM experience, you may find the learning curve to be short.

If you don’t plan to delegate every aspect of the fabrication process that you legally can, you might demotivate your team and put yourself in a position where you’re unable to turn over the reins after the newness wears off. Learn together, empower your clinical assistants, and allow them to grow in their profession!

Do not make the purchase of this equipment a surprise to the team. When you incorporate them into the buying decision, you show that you respect them. The relationship between doctor and clinical assistants should be viewed as a partnership. Allowing them to provide feedback during the buying decision will help the team embrace something exciting for your patients.

Don’t forget that your hygiene department and business team also need to know how to present this technology to patients during treatment and on the phone. A brief overview of the system should be shared with the hygienists and business team. Create an “elevator speech” for them to use as patients notice the new technology or hear the sounds of porcelain being milled. Their excitement will set the tone for a lot of patient buzz.

Another critical aspect is your marketing of this technology. Many manufacturers provide printed and digital marketing materials that you can incorporate in the office, on social media, and on your website. Remember, marketing is not about posting a sign and expecting everyone will know you’re offering these new techniques. Marketing requires sending a message at least five to seven times before it resonates with patients.

Remember that until you have a few hundred CAD/CAM restorations completed, you will not consider yourself a master. Start with simple, full-coverage restorations on patients who appreciate the technology and are willing to support your team on this new journey. Listen to your team, learn from what goes well, and identify ways you can prevent future challenges ture. Ultimately you will be glad that you invested so much in this process.

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Danya Montoya is an advisor for Jameson, a management, hygiene, and marketing coaching firm that helps dental teams become more productive, profitable, and fulfilled. She has over 20 years of dental experience in client relations and a solid knowledge of the dental industry. She not only provides in-office coaching, but also works with the Jameson team on developing programs for optimizing technology and systems in dental practices. She is a contributing author to various blogs and publications and a powerful speaker. For more information on Danya and Jameson’s services, visit or call (877) 369-5558.