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Here are some of the worst dental associate stories

Sept. 20, 2018
Some dentists had pretty eye-popping experiences during their associateships. Here's what some of them shared.
In our last issue I asked you to share your horror stories working as or hiring associates. You did not disappoint. Without any further ado, here are excerpts from some of the weird people and places that work in our profession. Names have been changed to protect the innocent . . . and the guilty.

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1) I moved back to New York post-residency for an associate position. On day three the office manager handed me a pan and said, “Can you perio chart this patient?”
“Sure,” I said. “What Tx room are they in?”
She replied, “They're not. Dr. Y does it all the time.”
I quit that day.

2) Nearly 15 years ago I was in discussions with a colleague to become an associate in a pricey ($10-15k/mo) downtown practice. It was technically OK. But upon further investigation I discovered the owner’s mountain of debt, ugly divorce, that his wife took him to the cleaners, and his anger management issues, which included breaking a patent’s jaw. This necessitated an army of bloodsucking lawyers to protect him. My stock investment in an impending IPO seemed his only way out. The stock turned out to be one of the biggest bogus frauds in CDN history.

3) During my first associate position, on December 15I asked the doctor, “May I have my check before I leave?” The doctor replied, “No. You want my family to have a Christmas, don’t you?”

4) My GP boss did his own ortho with no school. He finished a case CR/CO 5 mm discrepancy and told the patient’s mother, “Mom, she has to learn to bite farther forward.”
He did a short pyramid prep. The zirconia crown came off a third time.
He then told her, “Well, there’s nothing more I can do. You’re just going to have to keep getting it recemented.”

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