Time for the annual DAD salary survey!

Take just a few moments to contribute

It’s that time again … time for the annual Dental Assisting Digest salary survey! Sound the trumpets! Light the fireworks! Bang a gong (cue the music)!

This is one of the most important and well-read articles each year for Dental Assisting Digest. It’s also one of the most requested pieces of information each year, both in e-mails I receive and questions I’m asked when I travel around the country to speak to audiences of dental assistants.

Of course, to make this survey happen, I need your help. For our salary survey to be a good barometer for not only this year’s salaries, but to serve as a comparison to previous years, I need you to take about two to three minutes and fill out the survey by clicking here. I promise that it won’t take too much of your time … and the moments you spend filling out the survey will make a difference.

If you want to see what salary numbers for dental assistants looked like in 2012, you can click here to see numbers from the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). These are always good pieces of information to have in your arsenal of knowledge.

I know how hard you work. I also know the salary numbers don’t often reflect the effort you bring to the dental practice on a daily basis. That’s one of the reasons why I ask the last two questions on the survey. They’re open-ended and provide a chance for you to share your thoughts with me and your colleagues. I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity.

Again, please click here to participate in this year’s DAD salary survey.

Thanks in advance for your help. Read on, this is your e-newsletter.

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