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Tuesday Tip from Pride Institute: Survey says, “We aren’t paid what we’re worth!”

Oct. 22, 2013
A positive attitude can reap great results from the dental staff

By Ross Vera/Pride Institute Consultant/Trainer

Is your team saying, “We aren’t paid what we’re worth”? You think they’re just greedy so you don’t pay much attention. But not so fast! The real essence of the message from your “underpaid” team is, “If you won’t appreciate and respect us, you better believe you’re going to pay us!” You probably have no way of knowing this, but our confidential team questionnaires tell us this repeatedly.

In fairness to you, this is rarely conscious behavior on your part. Some of the most dangerous interpersonal behavior manifests itself in the expressions of subtle disdain, indifference, and passive aggressive non-verbal behaviors (sighs, groans, head shakes, and snide remarks). What may be merely a venting exercise for you can ruin a sensitive team member’s day, or worse, their sense of self. Such behaviors are the recipe for a highly dissatisfied team and a whopping leadership problem. Acknowledging your team with genuine positive regard while you push through your day is challenging, but essential.

Preventing your daily frustrations from contaminating your interactions with your team is vital. Living in gratitude, respect, and appreciation of those who work for you is a skill that you must continually cultivate. This will pay enormous dividends to the practice and people around you.

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