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Downloadable dental form: Employee discipline

Nov. 12, 2018
Don't find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit for wrongful termination of an employee. Keep track of employee disciplinary actions with this new downloadable dental form.
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director

Do you have an employee who shows up late to work, who just doesn’t care about his or her performance, or who makes costly errors in the workplace? Are you looking to release an employee?

Keep in mind that the Department of Labor protects workers from wrongful termination of employment. Now ask yourself, do you have a system in place for documenting employee errors, misconduct, or tardiness?

If your answer is no, you had better start making sure you document everything when it comes to employee discipline. Otherwise you might find yourself being sued and appearing in court to explain why you wrongfully terminated someone without documented reasons.

This month’s featured form is an Employee Discipline Form. It will help you to document employee incidents and have them on file to support your claims. Download it and start using it today!

This is just one of the many downloadable forms available on DentistryIQ to help keep your dental practice more organized. To see all of the forms that are available free to your office, visit downloadable dental forms.

Click here or on the image below to access the newest downloadable dental form, then add it to your collection.

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About the Author

Kyle L. Summerford | Editorial Director

Kyle L. Summerford is president of Summerford Solutions Inc. Being a dental office manager, dental practice consultant, and dental coding educator has enabled him to guide his company to provide services to dental practices and their staffs nationwide. Kyle has lectured at many CE events and academic institutions—Stony Brook University, New York City County Dental Society, and Georgia Regents University. He’s authored many Dental Coding with Kyle articles. He’s the founder of Dental Office Managers Facebook Community and Dental Manager Connect. Contact him at [email protected].