Keller BruxZir

Beginning June 1, 2012, the company plans to reduce price of the two to $99.

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Beginning June 1, 2012, Keller Laboratories plans to reduce the price of IPS e.max and BruxZir to $99. IPS e.max offers a full contoured, pressed lithium disilicate restoration that features a variety of design options, high-strength, and “Empress-like” esthetics.Related information, click here.BruxZir Total Zirconia Crowns are virtually unbreakable all-ceramic crowns that have the strength to withstand parafunctional activity without metal. BruxZir is a full contoured all-zirconia crown or bridge with no porcelain overlay. For more information, call (800) 325-3056 or visit comment on these products, go to
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