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Dentists reap benefits with improved mixing technology

Feb. 27, 2014
With new T-MIXER, material can be mixed even more quickly.

Dentists play double roles as physicians and business people.

This is why, as self-employed professionals, they pay special attention to their level of medical expertise and the economic side of the business. In addition to time management and general administrative tasks, managing the cost of dental materials is crucial to improving efficiency.

Many dental products are only used once, including mixing tips that dentists use to prepare impression materials, temporary crown and bridge material and cements. Following application, the mixer and any material left inside is thrown away.

To help dentists work more efficiently and sustainably, Switzerland’s Sulzer Mixpac has enhanced its tried-and-tested mixers. The new T-MIXER is shorter, so the material can be mixed even more quickly.

For example, the new blue model saves around 0.4 ml of material per crown and bridge application compared with its predecessor. If a dentist performs an average of four crown and bridge sessions per day, this adds up to approximately 350 ml of savings every year. This is equivalent to seven, 50-ml crown and bridge cartridges.

Assuming average costs of $100 per temporary crown and bridge material cartridge, the new T-MIXER from Sulzer Mixpac helps cut annual material costs by approximately $700.

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