Chairside Connection: Pregnancy and oral health

May 24, 2022
An RDH who is passionate about oral health during pregnancy, and an OB/GYN who takes oral health with her patients very seriously, share their ideas for talking with your pregnant patients.

Danette Ocegueda, MS, RDH, manager of professional education for Philips Oral Healthcare, and Kameelah Phillips, OB/GYN, take the oral health of their pregnant patients very seriously. Dr. Phillips has seen firsthand what poor oral health can do to pregnancy outcomes, and she’s made it her mission to discuss oral health with all her patients.

I must say that my heart sang during our discussion when heard about the growing collaboration between medical professionals when it comes to discussing the oral-systemic link. 

Hormones during pregnancy can increase the risk for periodontal disease, which is linked to preeclampsia, preterm birth, and low birth weight. Dr. Phillips said it’s important for OB/GYNs to work closely with oral health-care professionals during their patients’ pregnancies.

She noted that taking care of oral health during pregnancy can set up the future for overall health. She said pregnancy is a lifestyle change for most women, and if they learn the importance and share good oral hygiene with their children, it sets up success for generations. 

Danette pointed out that when someone is trying to conceive, this is the perfect time to pay closer attention to their oral health. Sixty to 75% of women present with pregnancy gingivitis in the US. She pointed out that the Philips DiamondClean smart brush has been an excellent option for many women. 

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