Chairside Connection: The impact of periodontitis on the body

July 29, 2022
Dr. Timothy Donley wants to effect change in the overall narrative of dentistry. He believes dentistry's goal needs to change, and here's what he proposes.

Today's "exploding" information directs dental professionals to embrace a new message and leave the brushing and flossing lectures behind, Dr. Timothy Donley told me during our recent chat.

He talks about the relationship between periodontal health and overall health, and remembers when this entered the conversation about 25 years ago. He reminds us that the information has only grown and become stronger. 

Dental pros know without question that inflammation anywhere in the body is bad. Inflammation is the fuel that drives disease, and an inflamed mouth contributes to disease. Patients must understand that getting rid of inflammation in their mouth will absolutely positively affect their overall health.

Dr. Donley says it's time for dental pros to appoach things differently. We need to keep educating ourselves and sharing this message with patients, who must be provided with the right tools to do their part at home. He discusses his tools of choice and why he feels they're best.

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