Chairside Connection: The benefits of whitening

July 6, 2022
Whitening can not only make patients feel better, it can help dentists reinvigorate their practices as well, and Philips can make it easy for everyone. How did whitening save Dr. Peter Auster?

After 15 years, Dr. Peter Auster reached a point in his career where he was bored and uncomfortable. He knew something had to change. He explored his options for reinvigorating his practice, and offering whitening has made the difference for him.

Today he says the Philips line of whitening products has become very important to him and his practice. Why? Because their products are reliable and safe, both in-office and at home. I asked him what the difference is in OTC and professional whitening, and it's primarily that there are so many products, you may not know what you're getting, particularly when it comes to patients choosing something OTC.

Philips offers products that are predictable, safe, and priced right, including the new WhiteSpeed and DayWhite.

I also asked him how we can comfortably approach the discussion of teeth whitening with our patients. No one wants to be told their teeth are yellow. Dr. Auster said that there are many life events that can guide dental professionals into the conversation, such as a wedding, a new job, a move, or even a lot of Zoom calls.

Bringing in new services such as whitening can really invigorate your practice. Visit to learn about their entire line of whitening products.

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