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Coding with Kyle: D3346, D3347, and D3348

May 15, 2019
Submitting the correct dental codes for treatment performed is extremely important to help practices collect what they're owed.
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director

D3346—Retreatment of previous root canal therapy, anterior

D3347—Use for bicuspid 

D3348—Use for molar


This is for retreatment of a tooth that has already had a root canal procedure done that has failed. 

Submitting the claim with x-rays is not enough to facilitate coverage and payment. 

A clear written narrative that explains the overall need for the procedure must be submitted with the claim. 

The narrative should indicate reason for failure and prognosis of the tooth. 

The narrative should indicate initial root canal treatment date and/or if the root canal was treated at a different office. 

You should report closure separately and use the appropriate code for resin or amalgam placement.    

Dental insurance companies will refer to the patient’s plan limitations and exclusions when considering the dental claim. 

Pre-op and post-op x-rays must always accompany the claim form.

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