TextSpeak launches affordable talking keyboard

Aug. 20, 2012
Simple device improves communication for medical and special needs patients

WESTPORT, CT – Giving a voice to people, places, and things, TextSpeak™ introduces a $500 line of talking keyboards. The TextSpeak TS series Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) speech generating keyboards are simple to use and work right out of the box. This includes a combination of a wireless keyboard and portable battery powered speaker. Working in tandem, typed text from the keyboard is transmitted and spoken directly from the wireless speaker.

The TS Series talking keyboards offer the special needs and medical communities a new solution that requires no technical ability, maintenance, or training. While the TS Keyboards are well suited for hospitals, they can also serve a helpful purpose in dental practices, especially those offices that serve a large special needs population or many elderly patients.

The TS Keyboards serve trauma and postoperative patients (i.e., laryngectomy), or anyone who needs a permanent solution offering synthesized speech (i.e., stroke, aphasia, throat cancer). They are also helpful for the elderly at home or in nursing care.

The TextSpeak keyboards are designed to address three important patient needs:

Simplicity — Controls limited to ON/OFF and volume, works out of the box
Affordability — First keyboard-based speech generating solution priced below $500
Typing skills — Keyboards range from mini to very large key (specifically offered to assist mobility impaired patients)

The product’s advantages include standard voices in male and female genders, in both English and Spanish, all with unlimited vocabulary; works over speakerphones to support calls to friends and family; has flexible keyboard choices to fit individual typing skills and need; and it's lightweight and portable, and uses low cost, standard batteries.

"We have introduced the TS Series to meet needs of our customers at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions," said TextSpeak president Nancy Wolfe. "This allows us to put TextSpeak TS in the hands of the uninsured and elderly who would otherwise have no solution to simply talk. By making an affordable product and offering flexible keyboard choices, we are helping speech impaired individuals communicate far more efficiently.”

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