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What dental professionals can do to help patients with anxiety (Infographic)

March 28, 2017
Dental patients who experience dental anxiety can impact a practice's bottom line. What can dentists and their teams do about it?

When it comes to dental anxiety, in a recent survey conducted by the ADA, a whopping 41% of respondents claimed that they will be skipping the dentist because they fear stepping into a dentist's office. This type of anxiety can be a problem for the bottom line in dental practices because it can lead to cancelled appointments.

The best way to understand anxious patients is to understand where their anxiety comes from. A few reasons include lack of patient control during treatment, lack of understanding from you or your team, previous negative dental experience, and dealing with extreme pain after treatment.

The best technique to keep your patients calm before and during treatment include:
1. Create a relaxing and calm environment.
2. Provide excellent customer service and a welcoming staff.
3. Improve patient communication.
4. Give your patients a feeling of control.

Check out the infographic provided by Dental Studio 101 to learn more about how to create a fun and calm environment for your patients. Click on the image below to see the pdf version of the entire infographic.

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