Coronavirus impact on dental practices: Teledentistry for techies and technophobes (Video)

April 17, 2020
Ryan Hungate, DDS, has created an easy-to-use teledentistry platform that even the most tech-challenged people can use. Called Simplifeye, the platform can help dentists now and when their practices reopen.

Some of the feedback that Dr. Ryan Hungate has received from patients during the pandemic office shutdown includes, “Wow. You’re the only dentist who’s open right now. Thanks for helping me.” He hears this because he uses the teledentistry platform that he created, called Connect by Simplifeye.

Dr. Hungate is well aware that offices are trying very hard to deal with this challenging time, and they don’t need a confusing teledentistry software to make things even harder. Therefore, he’s made sure that Connect is easy to learn and easy to integrate. The platform will help dental practices stay in touch with patients during this time and make the transition back into “normal” practice go more smoothly. If you’re worried about someone in the office who is not very tech savvy, Connect addresses that concern as well. Dr. Hungate explains how and encourages his peers to take a look at this helpful tool.


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Editor's note: This video is 13th in a DentistryIQ webinar series that addresses the impact of coronavirus on the dental industry. Subsequent episodes will be posted in the DentistryIQ Coronavirus Resource Center.